Fashion And You Fraud Holds No Substance

Fashion plays an important part in everyone’s life. Fashion guides us towards maximizing our assets and minimizing our errors. It depends on us how we achieve it; remember to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable both physically and psychologically. Be confident and carry the outfit gracefully. As we all know �every book is judged by its cover’ so by following the fashion trends you can create good impression on others. So, if you spend lot of time and money on just looking perfect don’t regret it. Through fashion magazines or celebrities one can closely follow these fashion trends. Once you spot a perfect piece of cloth you would sure want to buy it! But the question here is where would you find what you saw in a magazine?! One surely cannot go around looking in all the stores around.

Now to meet the needs of people and to add, providing a convenient shopping experience Fashion and was founded. Fashion and You is a private invitation only shopping club featuring collections by top designers for men, women and children for up to 80% off on retail prices. Fashion and You obtains authentic designer merchandise straight from the brand and provides it exclusively to its members through limited-time events. In the first year, Fashion and You achieved various milestones. The online shopping club offers great savings on the very best international luxury brands. Fashion and You ships out over 2000 orders each day, delivering premium quality products to your doorstep at a click of a mouse. The portal has made Indian designer brands and International labels accessible and available to all citizens, 35-40% of their active members are in non-metros and smaller towns. Even besides the fantabulous portfolio fashion and you has, there are a lot of reports swarming the World Wide Web with Fashion and you fraud reports.

Fashion and You Fraud reports are majorly focused on the merchandise hosted and the delivery of the merchandises. There are a number of reports on the net stating that the portal is a fraud and the products that are showcased on the portal are in genuine. People have come ahead and even stated that the portal showcases original products online but once ordered and received they are fake, or replica copies of the luxury brands. There are a couple of reports that even claim that the companies delivery cycle is way beyond par and it takes up to weeks to receive the ordered products via Fashion and You. Besides the mentioned complaints there are reports about the poor management of the firm as well, stating the execs isn’t able to solve the queries of the people. E.g.; Shipment follow up, Cancellation and exchange etc.

Now having read about all the speculations and reports about the Fashion and You is a Fraud, there are a few things to be noted. At fashion and you, each and every product has to undergo a strict quality inspection before being dispatched to the customer, ensuring products with the best quality. This very well could be a reason for the delay in delivery system, but customers should understand this, as this is for their own good. Instead, People who have do not receive their delivery on time just pilfer about and circulate reviews stating the portal Fashion and You is a Fraud. One more common Fashion and you fraud report stated that the items delivered are of lower quality. This is nothing but a strategy of opponent to criticize and offend people about fashion and you to turn the potential customers away. Fashion and you provides genuine branded and authentic products, which are supplemented by an authenticity certificate provided by the manufacturer. In case any product gets damaged during shipping, fashion and you replaces the damaged product or refunds the customer according to their choice.